About us

Limited Liability Company “Provix”  was founded on the 14-th of December, 1994 on the "historical" experience of previous base enterprises:

  • Design and estimates desk of public catering control in Lviv region - since 1974;
  • Specialized (self-supporting) designer and estimates desk of public catering control in Lviv region - since 1988;
  • Leasing enterprise of Specialized design and technological desk of catering enterprises - since 1992.

In 2004 "Provix" obtained new owners who generated  renewal and updat of the staff of the enterprise with young specialists that were skilled in working with modern software in the field of design. Quality management system  in accordance with ISO 9001-2001 was implementad in the same period.

With new top management approach the rebrending of the company was implemented. The company aquires new brand, new priorities of development and strategical planning were chosen that in turn promoted the access to new markets of Western and Central Europe (Poland, Austria, Holland). Our highly skilled staff  enables the Company to implement foreign technologies adaptation in design solutions.

In the year 2012 the manager of "Provix" LLC was certified with Quality Manager System auditor ISO 9000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 19011:2011

 The dynamics of industrial construction development in the country caused to change the strategy of Companies’ Group development in the direction of industrial design and construction. We perform project works in the extent sufficient for obtaining positive conclusion from the Ukrderzhbudexpertyza (State Construction Expertize institution). Due to the team work on all stages – from obtaining the authorization documentation, design and construction with the subsequent commissioning - we achieve the shortest terms of works. For instance - one of the  projects that was implemented by joint actions of the group for the state program of industrial development in the branch of mechanical engineering, approved by the KMU, working project: “Reconstruction of premises for the plant of trams, trolleybuses and electrobuses manufacturing in Lviv”. The term of the Industrial project performance from the beginning of design, with obtaining of complex conclusion of Ukrderzhbudexpertyza (Ukrainian State Construction Expertize Institution) and declaration for the beginning of construction works and completion of the construction of the first stage was record 3 month including. Positive reference letters witness about the quality of our work – and that is the best praise for hard intellectual and physical work. 

In 2014 in the conditions of increasing relevance of of ecological building and realizing social responsibility, trying to use in the work of eco-technology and raw materials, we choose vector of "ekodevelopment" and exploring the experience of international certification system LEED and BREEAM.