About green construction

Any significant real estate object is not complete without ecological certification, which became a generally adopted practice.
The “green” construction did not gain widespread for the present time but the trend of “eco development” enters Ukrainian market of construction and our company does not stand aside of this process. We master the general principles of the field of energy saving and environmental construction and also cooperate with European certified LEED professionals.
Our team masters the basic tasks of green building approach:
  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources;
  • Reduce the amount of waste, emissions and environmental destruction;
  • Health protection of the residents and improving of productivity of employees in the “green buildings”;
  • Optimization of buildings operating costs.
There exist several international systems of certification – DREEAM, LEED, DGNB, which define the responsibility of the entity in accordance to some defined criteria (consuming of electricity and water, management quality, internal and external comfort (lightning, sound insulation), location, waste management etc.
Viewing the market of green construction it can be discovered that LEED system is the only rating system in green construction that can be called global by the coverage volume.
It is after the introduction of the such green objects are characterized by considerable energy savings:
Up to 50% reducing of energy resources consumption;
Up to 40% water saving;
Up to 15% from electricity consumption is saved for heating or conditioning.
These advantages contribute to improving the economic indicators (for example, in the trade centers the volume of sales grew up to 15% due to the high quality of premises, good natural daylight, low level of noise and the productivity increases up to 18%).
Good perspectives are anticipated for green construction in Ukraine, trade and entertainment complexes and office buildings are the first to pave the way to green construction.
Every company claiming to respect in their work tend to use eco-technologies and raw materials.
Today there are more than 62000 buildings LEED certified in more than 150 countries, and 610000 m2 of premises are certified in accordance to LEED standards.