Breeding complex reconstruction

For today our team is on the final stage of developing working project “Reconstruction of breeding complex into pig raising complex” in Zhytomyr region. The Customer is “DFU AGRO” LLC (DAN-FARM).    Our company gained the opportunity to develop the project on September 2014.
Construction of pig raising premises, single-store domestic building, gallery (connects all premises of pigsties into one complex), mixed fodder plant, granary complex with capacity of 9000 tons, closed type lagoons (manure storage) capacity 52000 tons, fire tanks, underground LPG tanks, sewage manure pumping station, sewage treatment plant, transformer substation and diesel generator are provided by the project on the territory of 15 ha area.   
The enterprise’s technology will be developed in accordance with sanitary, technological and veterinarian norms of Ukraine, EU standards, including the standards of animals welfare.    
The installation of modern gravity system of manure removal and installation of new technological equipment that will reduce emissions from manure and water consumption is provided by the reconstruction. 
The pigsties complex will be provided with forages due to the construction of granary complex capacity  9000 tons and the mixed fodder plant capacity 60 tons/day of dry forages; 240 tons/day of wet forages.