New trolleybus

There was represented a new trolleybus “Electron” the other days at the annual exhibition “Lviv’s manufacturer” that was produced by joint Ukrainian-German enterprise “Electrontrans” that was created by corporation “Electron” and the enterprise «TransTec F&E Vetschau UG»  (Germany).  
The new low floor trolleybus of 12 meters length is produced of stainless steel, the  safety is ensured by electronic control systems, ABS system and also exterior  and interior surveillance cameras   and  mirrors with electric external view. Another know-how of the vehicle is recuperation system that ensures the option to save up to 40% of electricity.
For convenient embarkation and debarkation of passengers of the trolleybus the pneumatic system “kneeling” is implemented that ensures additionally low the bus at the bus stops reducing the ground clearance.  For persons with disabilities the salon of trolleybus is equipped with signal buttons and folding ramp for wheelchair on arrival with specially equipped seat with safety belts for fixation while driving.
The new low floor trolleybus is expected to come on line in Lvive after operational testing.
Let’s mention that the group of companies “Provix-IBR” performed the working project “Reconstruction of premises for the plant of trams, trolleybuses and electrobuses manufacturing in Lviv” where the above mantioned trolleybuses are manufactured. The term of the Industrial project performance from the beginning of design, with obtaining of complex conclusion of Ukrderzhbudexpertyza (Ukrainian State Construction Expertize Institution) and declaration for the beginning of construction works and completion of the construction of the first stage was record 3 month including.