For existing buildings and constructions:

  • Carrying out of technical inspection of constructions and parts of them;
  • Providing with the recommendations on the rational use of building;
  • Performing project for re-planning or reconstruction ;
  • Developing the project documentation for reinforcement of the building;
  • Providing calculation of the estimated costs (budget documentation);


For new investment projects:

  • Providing the concept of land development;  
  • Carrying out predesign works and urban calculations with the purpose of urban conditions and building restrictions obtaining from the local governments;
  • Determining the required capacity of energy resources for TU (technical conditions for connection) receiving, fill the polled application letters;  
  • Developing complete set of project documentation with the purpose of Derzhbudexpertyza (State Construction Expertize) construction costs optimization;
  • Carrying out independent expertise of existing project documentation;
  • Providing calculation of the estimated costs (budget documentation).